About Christian Kacher!

December 2, 2008

Christian Casher was born Christian Kacher, and is a gifted musician whose work has attracted international attention and acclaim. A classically trained pianist, Christian Casher performs original piano compositions and improvisational pieces for audiences in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. His music has received television and radio play in numerous markets from London to South Africa and Casher’s song ‘Bittersweet’ was featured in a documentary that aired in the United Kingdom. Additionally, his song ‘Mourning Rain’ was used in a video chronicling the life and work of artist Anthony Christian. Casher’s debut album, containing 21 original piano compositions, will be released soon. Christian Casher’s website features four of these tracks at www.teardroprain.com.

Chris Newman, vice-president at William Morris, and John Drinkwater, a principal behind the hit show Murphy Brown, have both taken an interest in launching an international reality show, the first of its kind, that centers around Christian Casher’s well-travelled life as a hedge fund manager, a musician, a composer, a former scientist, and his broad spectrum of unique friends.  One executive at ICM talent agency dubbed Dr. Kacher a ‘reality House MD’ after Hugh Laurie’s character in the popular show.

Christian Casher’s powerful and evocative melodies have been called “love affairs of the 21st century” and listeners often connect with his emotive and distinctive sound.

A humanitarian with a global perspective, Christian Casher uses his music to promote positive change in the world. The exiled Crown Prince of Burma has requested ‘Burma Teardrop Rain’ to raise awareness of the suffering and oppression of the Burmese. Casher is no stranger to social injustices having experienced one first-hand.   In an interview by Bay Reporter, Casher appeared as Dr. Christian Kacher, his God-given name, to take a stand against any injustices done by any government on its people.  Dr. Christian Kacher who experienced an extortion attempt several years ago said, “I have learned how deep the rabbit hole goes in the United States. I learned this the hard way. After my great success and published accounts in a book called ‘Conversations With Top Traders’ of my record returns in the stock market, I became a target, a sitting duck, if you will. Certain experiences have made me a much wiser person.”  Casher has dedicated his song Teardrop Rain to the people of Burma to end their oppression.

Christian Casher began his musical development at The Suzuki Institute when he was 3 years old. An adept student from an early age, Casher’s first song, ‘Night Fog’ was composed when the artist was 5. For the next seven years, the Institute sent Casher to high profile venues in Japan and the United States to give performances in front of live audiences. To this day, Dr. Casher enjoys composing and performing music for others.

In addition to his burgeoning music career, Dr. Christian Kacher (Casher is his stage name) is also a noted investment expert and money manager. His stock market timing site can be found at www.markettimingwizard.com. He attained his Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from the University of California at Berkeley where he helped discover several elements on the Periodic Table and published over 50 scientific articles in peer reviewed journals. He has a wide array of interests and hobbies that include art, fashion, charity and photography.

Dr. Christian Casher resides in London, Los Angeles and Geneva and performs his music to audiences worldwide.